ARC AUDIO ชนะที่ 1 กี่ตำแหน่งช่วยนับด้วยค่ะ

Dear Distributor Family:

This years 2012 SBN the results are in and ARC Audio officially received more top honors, more 1st placements and more best of shows than any other manufacture in the 12 volt industry. With 45 category entries from ARC Audio equipped consumer vehicles and the world champion ARC Audio sound quality competition team resulting and  in 41 top honors placements ARC Audio once again taken its place at the top of the podium for another competition year.

Using products varying from The ARC Audio Signature and KAR Series amplifiers lines and several vehicles exclusively using the ARC Audio Black Series ARC Audio has proven one again its commitment to exclusive design based on quality and overall performance to the world of audiophiles and enthusiasts alike. For the first time ever the ARC Audio PS8 made its IASCA debut resulting in the highest single sheet SQ score of the entire proving itself as a front runner in sound processor technology raising the bar in transparency, dynamics and flexibility putting the power of tuning back in the hands of the competition without the limitations found in other processor.

Congratulations to all of the members of Team ARC Audio and to the consumers that competed at this years Spring Break Nationals. For more information in ARC Audio products be sure to visit our recently updated website at WWW.ARCAUDIO.COM

Rookie 1st Place SQC
Amateur 3rd Place SQC
Pro Am 1st place IQC
2nd Place SQC
3rd Place SQC
4th Place SQC
Pro 3rd Place SQC
Ultimate Pro 1st Place SQC
1st Place IQC
Expert 2 seat 1st Place SQC
INAC SPL/RTA Challenge 1st Place
Expert Solo 2nd Place SQC (By one Point)
INAC 2 Seat Triple Crown Inaugural Champion
IASCA – Spring Break Nationals
Pro AM 1st Place SQC
1st Place IQC
2nd Place SQC
3rd Place SQC
Pro 4th Place SQC
3rd Place IQC
Ultimate Pro 1st Place IQC
2nd Place SQC
3rd Place SQC
Expert Solo 1st Place
SPL/RTA 1st Place
MECA – SBN Triple Point Event
Stock 1st Place
Street 2nd Place
Mod Street 4th Place
Modified 1st Place
Mod X 2nd Place
3rd Place
6th Place
Extreme 1st Place
2nd Place
Master 1st Place
SQ2 2nd Place
3rd Place
Street Install 1st Place
Extreme Install 1st Place
RTA FreqOut 1st Place
SQL Best of Show
Install Best of Show
SQL Phat Install
SQL Phat Car
SBN Tuner Jam
Best of Show Nite Glow Off
Best Interior 1st Place